Virtual dedicated server(VDS) 8vCPU 8GB RAM 240GB

Virtual dedicated server(VDS) 8vCPU 8GB RAM 240GB

17.84 EUR/ month
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... are superior than traditional VPS solutions offering strength and freedom of an environment similar to that provided by a dedicated server at a much lower price. Although similar in some ways, the big difference between VPS and VDS servers consist in virtualization technology and management of hardware resources.

The major differences between a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) and a Virtual Private Server (VPS) are:

  • To a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) each virtual machine (VM) is completely separate for each user giving total freedom in choosing the operating system, while a VPS kernel machine host is shared to all virtual machines, all with virtually the same operating system.
  • On a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hardware resources can be shared and guaranteed for each client, unlike VPS servers where CPU and ram are "shared" (shared) for all users, their access to hardware resources being competitive
  • VDS provides a virtual server a more robust environment, hence increased safety and stability.


vCPU 8 core
SLA 99.9%
Brand Soft Expert
Model VDS 8vCPU_8GB-RAM_240GB
Ip 1
Disk space 240 GB

Technical specifications:

vCPU: 8 core
HDD: 240GB

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