Find out more about the dedicates servers and the VDS servers

The dedicated server is configured according to your needs and it works only for you. This means speed, stability, flexibility and increased security. The dedicated server is rented entirely by one customer.

The major advantage of a dedicated server is the absolute control offered to the customer. The customer has the possibility to install any software he wants.

The dedicated servers can be configured according to the customer’s needs and can be securely connected.

Virtual VDS servers offer a more robust work environment, resulting in increased security and stability. They are superior to traditional VPS solutions, providing the power and freedom of an environment similar to that provided by dedicated servers at a much lower price. Although similar in some respects, the big difference between VPS and VDS is hardware virtualization and hardware management technology.

On a virtual dedicated server (VDS), each virtual machine (VM) is completely separate for each user with total freedom in choosing the operating system, while on a VPS, the kernel of the host machine is shared on all virtual machines, all having practically the same operating system. On a virtual dedicated server (VDS), hardware resources can be shared and guaranteed for each client, unlike VPSs where the processor and RAM are shared for all users, their access to hardware resources being competitive.

The VDS is activated immediately after the payment is confirmed. Once it is activated, you will be notified in an e-mail which will contain all the necessary data for its administration.

You configure the operating system you chose when you purchased the package. If you can’t manage and you need our help, we can do it for you if time allows.

Of course, you contact us and we solve it immediately.

We also provide, voluntary, backup services. You can opt for the desired backup solution when you purchase the package. Restore is done only by our team.

We offer technical support via Ticket Support / Live Chat / Phone. To minimize the time needed to investigate / troubleshoot, try to gather as many details as possible to help us get you the quickest response.

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